Race start

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After having effected the automatic or manual composition of the qualifications in base to the suitable criterions in the registrations, and subsequently at the end of the composed phases automatically in base to the results gotten in the qualifications, you have to proceeds with the timing of the competitions.

Cronometraggio gara

The start to the competition can be given by the automatic procedure of countdown Count-Down; with this procedure without any presence at the computer, clear vocal messages signals the elapsed time and the imminence of the start.

During the timing, in the top of the screen are always visible all the data of the competitors in real time, while in the bottom of the screen - through an animation - is showed the track with the competitors and their separations.

The timing can be completely automatic through trasponder and/or manual with a precision to the 1/100 sec.

During the timing is always possible to know in real time, classifications, separations and state of all competitors, always all accompanied by the useful multimedia's functions, that contributes to the clear carrying out of the competition.
At the end, automatically the results are memorized, and the chronological is printed, with every lap-time.