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The following languages are supported: Italian, English, Spanish, German and French
In the registrations, up to 250 competitors are admitted for competition, also importable from external file in text format; Besides is possible the contemporary management of more competitions.
The determination of the qualifications and the phases is automatic.
The timings can be completely in automatic way with trasponder, or also in manual mode with precision of the 1/100 of sec.
Before and during the execution of the competitions, the multimedia's functions increase the understanding and underline the main events.
Full personalization of the rules.
Completely automatic determination of the classifications.
Completely automatic determination of the classifications of championship.
wpe13.jpg (791 byte)
Copy & wpe13.jpg (791 byte) Paste competitors, also among different competitions.
Print preview modifiable, with management of the colors and in black and white
  Horizontal and vertical Banner, for management sponsor or other.
Export for Excel of every reports.
Export for Internet (Htm) of every reports.
Help on line.

Download it now, and you will discover that timing the competitions has never been so easy!